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Couldn’t get out of bed or was it that your alarm clock just did not wake you up? Our Sunday Service Sermons are available for down load for this and the many other reasons that you missed church.


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Join us as we promote the giving of our Easter offering. Help us support three missions around the world. Free wheelchairs in Vietnam; Feeding children in Haiti; Water filters in Brazil.
April 5, 2020
Leading up to our Easter offering, Ps. Dave teaches on the principles of giving.We will be taking an offering that goes toward wheelchairs in Vietnam, feeding a child for one year in Haiti, and water ...
March 30, 2020
Nathan Fleeger speaks to us with a "live" service about how Jesus is the ultimate leader to follow since He sets the example. There's isn't anything Jesus asks us to do that He hasn't already done Him...
March 22, 2020
Due to the Covid-19 (Coronovirius) our church building was not open for service on Sunday, March 15th. This recording is from our live Facebook service. Chip Richardson shares a word of encouragement ...
March 16, 2020
Jesus calls us to follow Him while we are still in a mess. He's more concerned with our well being than He is with our "perfection."
March 9, 2020
As we start a new series we are looking at the mess people find themselves in, and whether or not we are worthy of receiving God's grace.
March 1, 2020
Ps. Dave finishes the series talking about the seed that fell on good soil, and how we have to work at creating good heart in order to receive and maintain what God gives us.  
February 24, 2020
Catie DiYanni shares with us the third part of this series on not letting the cares of the world choke out our relationship with God.
February 17, 2020
Paul DiYanni shares with us some great insight on the seed that feel on rocky soil, and how easily we can lose what we've been given when it comes to God's word.
February 9, 2020
We are starting a new series based off the story Jesus told and a sower and the seed he scattered. Today we are talking about the seed that fell by the wayside on trampled ground.
February 2, 2020

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