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Couldn’t get out of bed or was it that your alarm clock just did not wake you up? Our Sunday Service Sermons are available for down load for this and the many other reasons that you missed church.

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In starting a new series, we look at using God's Word as our filter when it comes to today's political climate. Jesus prayed for unity among His church. Find out how we can stay true to our values and...
September 13, 2020
Welcome to our first in person service since March 8, 2020!Today we are talking about setting goals, how to go about this, and setting up wins in our lives, not only for the Gospel, but also in all ar...
September 6, 2020
As we finish this series on forgiveness we look at a story Jesus told of a forgiven man who was unwilling to forgive others, and the consequences that came with it. This is our online service in its e...
August 30, 2020
Today we talk about the importance of offering forgiveness for an offense, and getting things right with another person as soon as possible.  This is our the recording of our online service in its ent...
August 23, 2020
Today we are starting a new series on forgiveness. As we begin we will lay the groundwork on the power forgiveness has and what it means as believers in Jesus to be able to accept and offer forgivenes...
August 16, 2020
In the final message of this series we talk about private spiritual disciplines, and how God has a way of using those to gain our trust in Him, while growing our faith in Him at the same time. This is...
August 9, 2020
Our last outdoor service of the summer focuses on how to move forward as believers in Jesus using wisdom, and seeking what it is Jesus wants us to do. This sermon is dedicated to Christian Harrison!
August 2, 2020
In this part of our series Ps. Dave teaches on the importance of "redemptive relationships" and how God uses them as a way of growing our faith in Him. This is our online recording in its entirety.
July 26, 2020
Paul DiYanni shares with us how God uses practical biblical teachings to help grow our faith in Him. This is the entire recording of our online service.
July 19, 2020
Kim Richardson begins a new series on how trusting our faith in God should be. We will see in this series some of the various methods God uses to grow our faith in Him. This is the entire recording of...
July 12, 2020

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