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Couldn’t get out of bed or was it that your alarm clock just did not wake you up? Our Sunday Service Sermons are available for down load for this and the many other reasons that you missed church.


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We hear from the team who just returned from distributing free wheelchairs in Vietnam. Also, Ps. Dave shares the about the impact St. Patrick had on Ireland.
March 17, 2019
As we finish this series we take an inside look at how healthy relationship can be formed and sustained. We start the message out talking about the importance of being in a Life Group.
March 10, 2019
Today, we look at how we are to accept people for who they are in the same manner Jesus accepts us for who we are. But first, we take a few minutes to discuss the importance of the "Born Alive Bill" n...
March 3, 2019
Today, we talk about the high value of hanging out together...Fellowship. Also, we'll learn about "Mishpucha." We also have special guest Steve Fitterer and Scott Thompson who are giving an update on...
February 24, 2019
Paul DiYanni talks about the value of fellowship and how important it is that we learn from those we are around when it comes to the message of the Gospel.
February 17, 2019
As we start a new series we will be promoting our Life Groups and what it means to be in good healthy relationships with other people. Today, we will be looking at the high value Jesus places on healt...
February 10, 2019
Special speaker Rachel Reynolds teaches on the topic of healing.
February 3, 2019
Today, we look at the question, "Is all life created by God, and if so, how do we know, and what does it all entail?" We also talk about some of the ways we can value life, as well as interview James ...
January 27, 2019
Today, we are able to welcome the Bouthillier family. They are the missionaries in Brazil VCC has partnered up with in distributing the water filters to those who live in the Amazon Region of Brazil.
January 20, 2019
As we finish our series on "Identity Theft" we will look at the importance of how easy it is to lose our identity (Who we were created to be) in human relationships.
January 13, 2019

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